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The island of Thassos

Deep blue, full of memories and promises, picturesque and unpredictable, the beauty of the sea combines with the rich vegetation of the deep green pine forests and olive groves, crystal clear waters, the traditional life of the villages, archaeological sites, modern stores, and night life.

The beauty of Thassos is undoubtedly a great place to enjoy nature. Rich black pine and fir forests, as well as numerous olive groves cover the surface of the island. Thassos has many villages: Potamia, Limenas the capital of Thassos, Rachoni, Prinos, Kazaviti, Sotiros, Kallirachi, Maries, Limenaria, Kastro, Potos, Theologos, Astris, Alyki, and Kinira. Your eyes can get lost in the green landscape and then lost again in the immensity of the Aegean Sea. Coves, lacy beaches, wild rocks, and secret caves promise unprecedented emotions. The island is rich in resources with white marble, famous honey, unique olive oil, Thassian olives, and oil deposits. The greatest treasure of the island is its history and civilization stretching back thousands of years.

It is true to say that Thassos is a heavenly place that the Gods spread unsparingly in the Aegean Sea.
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